Tuesday, November 26, 2013

La Salle Boys Class of 1976 Reunion Dinner

We, the La Salle Boys Class of 1976 are organizing a grand reunion dinner for the classmates, teachers and family members to celebrate our many years of friendships, camaraderieship and fellowships. Whilst many had over the years kept in touch in small groups, this is the first time we're bringing everyone from local and afar, including our teachers and families for a real get together. Given our age, it's unlikely there'll be another grand scale celebration like this in the near future.

Date: 22 March 2014
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Bukit Kiara Club & Resort
Attire: Simple & Casual
Dinner Cost (per pax): RM200 (La Salle Boy); RM100 (Wife/Partner), RM50 (Children - irrespective of age)

So pack your bags and book your tickets for this once in a lifetime celebration of our friendships that have lasted all these years and longer. Make this an occasion to seal our everlasting bonds. This one is really for the bucket list!

Should you know of any classmates not in this invitation list, kindly forward this mail to them and/or notify us via this medium or in our Whatsapp chat.

To reminisce our old friends, check them out here: and

Please confirm your attendance by replying to this invitation. If you'd already confirmed, welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Thank you!

Teachers confirmed attending:

1. Ben Morais
2. Vivian Sequerah
3. Eric Koh
4. Low Kim Seng
5. Kua Beng Hock
6. Albert Rozario
7. Denis Armstrong
8. LA Fernandez
9. Rajah
10. SP Nathan
11. Gomes
12. Ruby Fernandez

Confirmed Attendees:

1. James Ong
2. Tan Ban Choon
3. Joseph Martin (Paid)
4. John KC Ng (Paid)
5. George Tan (Paid)
6. Lee Chow Tuck (Paid)
7. Michael Chan (Paid)
8. Harrjit Singh (Paid)
9. Tan Chee Wah (Paid)
10. Ragupathy (Paid)
11. Tan Meng Chai (Paid)
12. Wilson Ho (Paid)
13. K Ganesan (Paid)
14. Lim Hee Keong (Paid)
15. Yong Joon Leong (Paid)
16. Sivarajah Nagaretnam
17. Eric Neoh
18. Gurbachan Singh Gill
19. Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Paid)
20. Effendi Jagan Abdullah (Paid)
21. Thevendran @ Asyraf (Paid)
22. Yeap Cheng Hoe (Paid)
23. Tan Ban Keat (Paid)
24. Canaga (Paid)
25. Kathir (Paid)
26. Subramaniam Sundram (Paid)
27. Chandra Gopal (Paid)
28. Zulkifly Ali
29. Eddy Hon (Paid)
30. Nathan Muthu
31. Zahari Zain
32. Paul Chow Kong Hin (Paid)
33. Muniandy Krishnan (Paid)
34. Mano (Paid)
35. Sukumaran (Paid)
36. Simon raj
37. Dr. Kulwswaran (Paid)
38. Low Heng Seng (Paid)
39. Madan Lal (Paid)
40. Peter Kam (Paid)
41. Dr, Paul Dasen (Paid)
42. Arumugam
43. Bosco Lawrence (Paid)
44. Dr. Donald Rozario (Paid)
45. Peter Rajaratnam (Paid)
46. Dr. Jeyakumar
47. Joe Theseira @ Yusuf
48. Norman Gerard
49. Andrew Yee
50. Francis Xavier Nathan
51. Bala Sundram
52. Lai Meng Woei, Peter
53. Shah Abdul Rahman
54. Aligirisamy (Paid)
55. Clarence Fernandez
56. Fred Martin (Paid)
57. Chong Kam Fook
58. Michael Thambyrajah
59. Siva Subramaniam
60. Mohd Noh
61. Archibald @ Tuah Fauzi (Paid)
62. Thangarajah
63. Mohan Subramaniam
64. Bahaman Mohd Nor (Paid)
65. Richard Ng Wai Chiew
66. Patrick Boudville (Paid)
67. Kon Sen Chon (Paid)
68. Shanker
69. Adrian David
70. Oswald Gerard de Costa

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We're Now On Facebook! Click Here...

With half century behind us, semi-dinosaurs among us must also join the new social media movement. Hence, I've created a Facebook page to facilitate greater and instant connectivity (by taking advantage of the advent of smart phones). From my statistics, quite a few of you have yet signed up with Facebook. Please join soon. The more the merrier!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We Bade Our Last Farewell To Dr. Siva

We came together to bid farewell to a dear friend, Dr. Siva who left us unexpectedly. Many of us did not even manage to say goodbye.

Basil gave a very touching eulogy showing us a side of Dr. Siva most of us did not know.

The boys are looking forward to meet again soon to celebrate his life. If you are interested to join or suggest idea on how to celebrate, please leave us your thought.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Farewell Dr. Siva

It is with deep regret and great sorrow to announce the passing of a true and wonderful friend, Dr. Siva. We will miss him dearly.

His funeral is expected to be at 10 am on Tuesday, 9 February at the SFA Church in Cheras. Location map is found here:

Included below are the great times we had together and will now be cherished by us forever.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chan Hoong Kwai aka "The Bull"

Hi Guys,
Nice to hear from you guys again. Yeh- George you are correct. I used to play basketball and don't forget I was the school table tennis champion too. And obviously you guys remember why I got the nickname BULL too because of soccer. The only guy who charged like me if I was not wrong was Shankaran! If you guys happened to be in Singapore- pls give me a buzz. The number listed below is my mobile number.

And Yes- I got married as usual. Have 2 kids- 1 girl and 1 boy. I started a little early too - My daughter is now 20 and my son is 18. Have been in Singapore for 2 decades.

Drop me a note if you have sometime- it is always nice to hear from you guys.

Got a called from Siva and Norman already.
B Regards,
Michael Chan

OmniVision Technologies,
30 Toh Guan Road,
#07-09 ODC
Singapore 608840.
Tel: +65 96648213
Fax:+65 68998078

Skype: Michael_Chan-OVT

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wedding Invitation

Hi fellow LSBians. Hope all is well with all of you. Just wanted to let you know that I'm getting married on May 5th. The church service is at the Tamil Methodist Church in Jalan Bukit Jawa, Klang at 5pm and a dinner reception at 7.30pm in the Tamil Methodist Church hall. Please feel free to come and we would love to see you there. Call me at 0192086571 if you need more information, directions etc. Paul Dasen & Nganam.

List of Confirmed LSBians (please leave comment for your name to be included):
  1. Tan Meng Chai
  2. Tan Ban Keat
  3. Archie
  4. Russlan
  5. Ragu


Monday, June 26, 2006

Score For Round TWO - FINAL TALLY (Audited)

Many among you must be having sleepless nights (trying to catch the 3:00am game), huh? With Keat having abandoned his post (after a rather exhausting first round of scorekeeping), the task has now landed on my lap. Since it's a once-in-four years' event, let's not quibble. So here goes. After all the 8 matches (up to Spain vs. France)
  1. 19 - Edmund (2) (Wow! Got an almost perfect prediction of Switzerland vs. Ukraine's match - scoring 12 points on this alone!).
  2. 17 - Dr. Jeya
  3. 16 - Chandra
  4. 14 - Father Patrick, Chow Kong Hin, Subra, Archibald, Clarence (Wow! You really hit a home run this time with your perfect prediction of the Argentina vs. Mexico match - scoring 12 points on this alone!).
  5. 13 - Dr. Paul Dasen, Mano
  6. 12 - Madan,
  7. 11 - Norman,
  8. 10 - Tan Meng Chai, Harjit, Joseph
  9. 09 - Lai Meng Woei
  10. 08 - Wilson, George Tan
  11. 07 - Eddy Hon, Edmund (1)
  12. 06 - Basil
  13. 05 - Canaga, Dr. Siva
  14. 04 - Shanker
  15. 03 - Sivarajah, Ragu
  16. 02 - Muniandy
  17. 01 - Tan Ban Keat
  18. 00 - Donald, Tan Chee Wah

Please note: The above scores have been audited by Canaga and Archie on 2 July. The scores above are deemed final and correct.

The complicated score system created a little confusion for me but luckily this does not change the final outcome i.e., Edmund is officially the winner of this round! Congratulatios! I know many of your egos may be bruised due to the change of scores (after the audit). Obviously, some of you may need to update yourself with better soccer knowledge after this.

Final Score For Round ONE

Well the results are out. Congratulations to Dr. Paul Dasen! Apparently, you must be keeping yourself quite busy in between patients (to be able to have such high score). Quite a close one too, I must say. Sorry, Keat. You lost by just a whisker!

  1. 53 - Dr. Paul Dasen
  2. 51 - Tan Ban Keat
  3. 50 - Archibald
  4. 47 - Chow Kong Hin
  5. 45 - Kathir
  6. 44 - Donald
  7. 43 - Shanker & Siva
  8. 42 - Clarence & Tan Meng Chai
  9. 40 - Mano
  10. 39 - Madan
  11. 38 - Chandra & Muniandy
  12. 37 - Edmund (Effendi), Joseph & Lim Hee Keong
  13. 35 - Basil
  14. 34 - Subra
  15. 33 - Tan Chee Wah & Eddy Hon
  16. 31 - Canaga, Father Patrick & Ragu
  17. 28 - George Tan
  18. 26 - Wilson Ho (You have the dubioius honor of being the best employee because of your deep focus on your job - thus accounting for your poor knowledge of the game)

The winner will keep 75% of the pool with the rest going to a worthy cause.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

From The Desk Of The Official Scorekeeper (3rd Update)

Dear LSBians.... I definitely am not participating in the next competition for obvious reasons.....I rather bet on Paul's hunch and make a fast buck.

Last update before the final 8 games...

Paul 45
Keat 44
Archie 43
Kong Hin 42
Donald 40
Clarence 39
Shankar 37
Kathir n Siva 36
MC 33
Mano, Effendi n Andy 32
Joseph,Madan,HKeong,Basil,Chandra 31
Subra 29
CheeWah 28
Canaga n Eddy 26
Patrick, Wilson n Ragu 23
George 20

As you can see, the few leaders that are in front are quite bunched up and looking at the scores they have predicted, it is going to be close.... Just to illustrate to u what I mean.....

Paul, Keat n Clarence have predicted a 1-1 game for Czech/Italy while Ball, KHin, Don, Shank, Kathir n Siva predicted either 2-1 or 1-2 scoreline.

But anything can happen, like what happened for Ball's prediction.. he got 3 perfect scores out of the last 4 games and jumped from 34 pts to 43 pts. If any of u guys have doubts about the scorekeeping, please forward asap. At the end of the last 8 games, MC and PRPR will be vetting through and audit the calculations to confirm the winner.A nd to those that have not paid yet, please do the neccesary. Eddy has paid me and MC needs to be informed if you have creditted his a/c.

This is the status of payments to MC:
  • Canaga (Paid)
  • Madan (Paid)
  • Wilson
  • Chow Kong Hin (Paid)
  • Patrick Boudville (Paid)
  • Tan Chee Wah
  • Lim Hee Keong (Paid)
  • MC (Paid)

Kindly credit Tan Meng Chai's account at Maybank 014114-536127. Please sms him (012-2895199) once you have done so.

Good luck, gentlemen!

Tan Ban Keat

Friday, June 16, 2006

From The Desk of our Official Scorekeeper (2nd Update) I understand why teachers always dread exam time..not only do they have to set the exam papers but they have to mark them....

Anyway just to clear those still in doubt...there are altogether 26 participants(the list with their football scores for all to see below) and each has agreed to pay RM100-00 and the eventual winner/s with the highest score will walk away with RM2,080-00 with RM 520-00 contributed to a charity of his/their choice.

Now I have collected RM1,700-00 and those that have yet to pay are to pay to Meng Chai's MBB A/C asap. Those who have to pay to MC's A/C are MC, Canaga, Madan,Father Pat, Wilson Ho, Hee Keong, Kong Hin, Eddy Hon and Chebek(ooopss Chee Wah).

Please pay up or we will send our bouncer PRPR to sit on you...and mind you, he ain't no lightweight......

So, now after twenty exciting premilinary games, you must be wondering who is sitting pretty on top...well the earlier leading pack has given way to some rather interesting results.

Leading the pack now is Paul Dasen with 23 pts,
GShankar,Keat,SivaP,Madan all with 19pts,
Ball n Clarence17,
Chandra n MC 16,
Mano,JosephM,Basil,Canaga,Subra,KongHin all 15 pts,
Edmund n Chebek13
Eddy n George12
PAT,andy,WILSON 11
and last but not least PRPR with 6 pts.

If there are any miscalculation that you think that could have happened, please let me know.

So there are 28 more games to go before we get an eventual winner, and if you want to bet and make money in this World Cup, I would suggest that you refer to Paul as he only got 3 games wrong....but if you were to ask me how to bet to win sure money, I will tell you to ask what Ragu is betting and bet against him or place the opposite of what he bets...hehehe you are our contra indicator, Mr PRPR.......sure win one.......

Tan Ban Keat

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dennis Moreira: Gathering of Friends & Relatives

Please be informed that all LSB boys are invited to Dennis' family home for dinner this weekend as special thanks by his family. Details as follow:

Date: Saturday, 16 June 2006
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: 11, Jalan 33, Taman Dato Senu, Sentul 51000, Kuala Lumpur

For directions, you may contact Dennis' brother, Baba at 012-2805507 or his sister, Elizabeth at 019-3343377. Please confirm your attendance by leaving a note here or sms to me.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Dennis (Moreira) Omar Sharif Abdullah

It's a strange feeling, to pen thoughts on someone whom we knew more than 30 years ago and yet little is known of him because of 30 lost years in between.

Our fellow LSB, Dennis (Moreira) Omar Sharif ABdullah passed away peacefully (after a brief battle with cancer) at 10pm last evening with his family by his side. A couple of our boys visited him yesterday afternoon at the hospital. He was brave and cheerful despite experiencing intense pain. He spoke of his wish to see his daughter graduate in September but that was not meant to be.

Joe Theseira went to Dennis' funeral this morning and saw a smile on his face. Maybe he is finally at peace. His family wishes to thank everyone for all their help and support given in their time of need. For those who knew him well, please pen your thoughts here for everyone's benefits.

May Dennis rest in peace. Posted by Picasa

From The Desk of our Official Scorekeeper

The current leader is Dr Siva and I guess u guys must know how he is soooo in tune to picking the winners...his China girls connection in his college..wat else...just tell the students you wanna pass, better get yr boyfriend bookies to give me the inside details...hehehe...not only r u getting under their skirts but u r milking them too.

For yr info he has scored ten points by picking two correct scores(Eng/Par&Hol/SM) and four other outright winners.

The second, Madan has his international forex friends to rely on for info and he has two correct scores and 3 outright winners.

We have five with 8 pts, namely Basil, Ball,Paul,Don and Mano...Basil got the Mexico game score correct so he is now almost in the limelight...

And guess who is the winner of the wooden spoon award so far or shall we say..have no ball sense at all...with only 2 points after 8 games...sigh...he ain't no bitch...he ain't no man either..he is none other than MR PRagubathy....hehehe..(we know of your infinite kindness in organising this and willingly contributing money to the eventual winner but this is toooo obvious).

The next posting will be after the next 8 guys pls be patient...

Tan Ban Keat

Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup 2006 Results At A Glance

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Map To Topaz

Posted by Picasa
If you encounter problem finding the location, please call Elizabeth at 603-62010397 or Dennis at 6017-6361505.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Coming Together For A Friend

Hi Folks!

I know many have asked what is happenning to our favourite Blog. My sincere apology for the lack of effort and opportunity in updating the Blog due to my personal commitments and distractions. However, I hope to do better in the coming months.

As many of you are already aware, we have amongst us a friend who is currently in need of our help and support. He is our fellow LSBians whom most of us have not met since school days. Dennis Moreira has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Donald paid Dennis and his family a visit last week as he has been in touch with them in recent months.

After a huddling session among the boys and working with Dennis' sister, we have agreed to come together for Dennis' cause. So, here we are, another opportunity for all of us to once again rise to help a fellow LSBians in the toughest fight of his life - a fight against the Big C. Details below:
  • Date: Friday, 28 April 2006
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Venue (at Dennis' sister's place): Topaz Cake House at No. 1-2, Taman Tunku, Bukit Tunku, K Lumpur
  • Dinner Cost: RM100 pax (inclusive of contribution to Dennis' medical expenses)
  • Mode of collection: Cash (at dinner venue)

The following have confirmed their attendance:

  1. Donald
  2. Ragu
  3. Tan Meng Chai
  4. Basil
  5. Chandra
  6. Josephn Martin
  7. George Tan Boon Sim
  8. George Tait
  9. Madan Lal
  10. Dr. Paul Dasen
  11. Clarence
  12. Eddy Hon
  13. Yusuf aka Joe Theseira
  14. Chow Kong Hin
  15. Archibald
  16. Eric Neoh
  17. Dr. Siva (pending confirmation)
  18. Subramaniam (pending confirmation)
  19. Norman (pending confirmation)

A few who are not able to come but wish to contribute RM100 are:

  1. Siva Rajah (Australia)
  2. Kathir (Overseas)
  3. Lawrence Yong Joon Leong (Singapore)
  4. Wilson Ho (Johor Baru)
  5. Yeap Cheng Hoe (Prior Engagement)
  6. Canaga (Prior Engagement)

Please be reminded that this is NOT a solemn occasion but an opportunity for us to meet and show moral support to Dennis. For the regulars, you may bring your best and worst to the evening. As usual, the normal rules apply (which means NO RULE!).

Enter your email to join LaSalleBoys76 today!


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